For half a decade, the Uncursed book has been fulfilling its purpose as a Prophetic Book to Raise a Curseless. Generation.  Families and people of all backgrounds, and territories have been experiencing profound deliverance through the knowledge of Jesus, and the revelation of biblical deliverance shared in this powerful deliverance manual. Uncursed Book approaches deliverance from 4 major areas including Inner Healing, Foundational Deliverance, Back-to-Womb Deliverance, and Pregnancy Season Prayers

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Uncursed Book 

The Uncursed Book hands the modern-day believer ancient weapons of breakthrough in an accursed world including; the advanced knowledge of Jesus, unusual skills for foundational warfare, and the blazing sword of prayers to cut through the dark foundations and make a brand new path, for the workings of God’s glory. The second first edition was released, and we saw why; Uncursed book has liberated destinies and upcoming generations; it has set communities free, and has become a major tool for the trifold deliverance in the realms of foundational, Inner-healing, and Back-to-the-Womb. Uncursed is more than a book, it is a call for all; young and adult, singles and married, parents, expectant mothers, and future parents who desire to or have assumed a military mindset spiritually, and seek to arise as spiritual powerhouses to deliver themselves, spouse, unborn children, living children, and generations to come from the curses from yesteryears. Written by Prophet Ebenezer Gabriels and Pastor Abigail Gabriels, Uncursed is a collection of revelations by the Holy Spirit given to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to cast down strongholds and kingdoms; to build and to plant God’s people on the path of their glorious destinies. Uncursed will usher your generation into untold deliverance and blessings never-seen-before