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Deliverance through Worship

Apostle Ebenezer Gabriels is called an Apostle of Worship, with a mighty Prophetic-Apostolic mantle for the revival and rebuilding of nations. As a Prophetic Leader, He is sent to God's untainted Word and releases God's authority, and declares His agenda upon the earth under the Apostolic authority. Revival has come upon many lives through the Prophetic-Apostolic mantle upon Apostle Gabriels. Apostle Gabriels carries heaven's solutions and provides leadership in different spheres.  Apostle Gabriels is married  and they live in Maryland USA with their family.

Uncursed Deliverance Retreats

Uncursed Deliverance Retreat is a personal journey or a group prayer retreat using the Uncursed Deliverance Companion which is filled with God's revelation of different realms of deliverance. Uncursed Deliverance Companion is used in Churches, Prayer Houses, Revival Grounds, Mission Houses, in families across different nations of the world. 


SWUD - Study the Word Unto Deliverance

The Living Word of God and the spirit of counsel abide with Prophetic Teacher, Pastor Abigail Ebenezer-Gabriels.  A Teacher and a Speaker in different spheres, God's wisdom through her ministry in the Word is setting nations, communities, houses of worship, and lives free.  Abigail is a Prophetic Teacher, an Executive Pastor, and CEO and serves the Lord with her husband Apostle Ebenezer Gabriels she is passionate about bringing worship into the industries. Abigail is involved in Nation Building, Development, Innovation, Ideation and Strategy in the business sphere. Pastor Abigail is married to Apostle Ebenezer Gabriels.



IAUC School of Ministry 

Uncursed's IAUC School of Ministry is the furnace and laboratory for preparing God's ministers. Our specialty programs - Prophetic Ministry, Deliverance Ministry, and Prophetic Ministry are designed to prepare ministers for an effective ministry launch.

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