I am Uncursed School of Ministry - (IAUC)

IAUC School of Ministry - The Ministers’ Laboratory and Furnace of Preparation. IAUC School of Ministry is a furnace and laboratory for preparing God’s ministers to bring forth God’s missions upon the nations of the earth. IAUC offers online certificate programs to prepare God’s vessels for an impactful ministry experience


Prophetic Worship Ministry Certificate

The Online Prophetic Worship Ministry Certificate is an 8-week online certificate course, with onsite ministry opportunities for students with flexible schedules to encounter the unprecedented move of Yahweh available in the place of raw worship. 


Prophetic Ministry Certificate

The fundamental prophetic ministry certificate program is the first of two sequences, and a preparatory prophetic course designed to unwrap prophetic giftings and challenge prophetic vessels to an exploration into their prophetic calling.


Deliverance Ministry Certificate

The Deliverance Ministry Certificate Program consists of 12 courses and is designed to prepare you for a launch into the Deliverance Ministry, equipping you with the knowledge, spiritual maturity, and operational know-how of ministry effective deliverance. As the return of Jesus draws closer, many are being set free from the old afflictions and bondages and headed into the Church to receive the fullness of God’s power. 

Why Choose IAUC School of Ministry?


Encounter the Ancient God through the Apostolic-Prophetic Worship Mantle of Ebenezer Gabriels 

The Ebenezer Gabriels Center for Worship Discipleship is privileged to hold the Apostolic and Prophetic honor and authority to nurture, mold, and release ministry leaders into their calling into worship, service of the Lord Jesus and the Church of God on earth, and the preaching of God’s Word without compromise. This responsibility entrusted in our hands is held, with the highest commitment to the Sovereign Lord, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, to employ the highest level of diligence and biblical standards.


Heaven-Breathed Curriculum 

Our curriculum is Holy Spirit inspired,  handwritten by Apostle Ebenezer Gabriels and Prophetic Teacher, Pastor Abigail Ebenezer-Gabriels, with the highest level of biblical standards. Research findings from the apostolic-prophetic-worship ministries of Ebenezer Gabriels have been adapted to usher in the future revivalists into effective deliverance ministry, prophetic ministry, and prophetic worship ministry.

Anointed and Well-Rounded Faculty

Research-Based & Hands-On Ministry Experience

Best-in-Class Learning Tools & Advanced Ministry Content Library

Ministry Internship


Anointing and Ordination 


Ministry Readiness


Admissions Webinar

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