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It is always a blessing to see some of you at our deliverance, prayer, and worship events. Many people's live are so interlocked with a lot of problems they do not know where to start spiritually. They are tired of prayers and tired of fasting. Before you give up, I wanted to share some valuable research on deliverance. The Majority of the spiritual issues a lot of people are facing are foundational strongholds or spiritual attacks. 

More people are facing foundational stronghold-related problems than spiritual attacks, they just don’t know it. This is why deliverance has been ineffective because many people are praying amiss, or do not understand what they are praying about. Spiritual attacks are different from foundational strongholds. When you treat foundational strongholds as spiritual attacks, your deliverance is short-lived. There is always a place to start when you seek deliverance, and the best way to start is from the foundation.

I will address some popular types of Foundational Strongholds 

1. Seed of Witchcraft

If the seed of witchcraft is in your lineage, you need to uproot these seeds and be cleansed off.   Many families and individuals are suffering spiritual setbacks because the seed of witchcraft is in their family line. The seed of witchcraft makes you highly susceptible to witchcraft influence and attacks. 

2. Rejection

If you are suffering rejection as a man or woman. IF you are a woman and you are constantly suffering rejection in a relationship or marriage. Rejection is a foundational problem arising from complex foundational issues. You will find godly answers and prayers to defeat the stronghold of rejection in the Uncursed Book.


 Abortion, if you have ever aborted, and you are seeking to break the curses associated with abortion. If you have sponsored abortion and are placed by the curses of abortion, or someone in your family line, especially your mother had previously had an abortion, or miscarriage, you need to break these curses.

3. Violence and Anger

Violence and anger are strongholds, deeply planted in the foundations. Find out why and break that curse if you have someone displaying violence or anger in the household. The Uncursed book discusses and shares prayers on this


If you have dabbled in idolatry, sourced charms, and phylactery, or consulted mediums and psychics, you need to understand why Jesus offers a better deal, and what you need to do to break those curses. 

How do you uproot foundational strongholds?

Foundational Deliverance is the only way. Uncursed is the deliverance companion that is used all across the world by Deliverance ministers and deliverance seekers. It is your guide to personal deliverance and shares more than 500 types of foundational strongholds including the targeted prayers you need to deploy.

Latest Testimonies from around the world from people who have used the Uncursed Deliverance Manual as a Tool

"one of the greatest books ever written covering newly discovered areas on deliverance, inner healing, foundational deliverance, and back-to-the-womb deliverance" - TM from Germany

"I wish I had it when I was pregnant with our sons, but now I am praying it over them, and the curses in our family line are getting wiped away" - A.C Family Singapore

“The Uncursed prayers are like prayers dropping from heaven. My pregnancy test results said some genes were deleted, and I definitely know that God has deleted some curses I was praying from the book” Anonymous Wife


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