Deliverance from the Powers of the Grave

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Deliverance from the Powers of the Grave

Our God is purposeful. He does not do a thing without a purpose. Satan seeks to cut short purpose, he seeks to steal and divert you away from God’s purpose.  In today’s SWUD (Study the Word Unto Deliverance), God will speak to us about Time, Changing Time, and Changing Seasons and the need to yield to God’s assignment for us.   God will do anything to redeem your time. Satan tries to steal time. God is calling us into partnership with the times and seasons, to fulfill what He has called us to do upon the earth! This is the reason for the preservation of life. When we yield to His calling, we worship Him. Worship and thanksgiving that we attest to God’s works in our lives. The power of the grave is the power of death, and the enemy usually ensnares to bring people into this horrible place.  


What is the Snare of the Fowler?

The snare of fowler is a major trap set by the agents of darkness to catch God's people into the cage of darkness. Many believers have been caught, many more believers will get caught due to ignorance. Satan is not interested in the soul of those who has not come to Jesus Christ because he already is lord over them. He is more interested in the souls of believers, whether new believers, tenured believers, or even ministry leaders. This is why satan has sent an army of fowlers across the world to ensnare as many as possible into the cage of darkness to turn spiritual giants into an object of ridicule, to overturn shiny destinies into rottenness. God is bringing deliverance into these types of cases and wants to educate His children on the subject of snares, fowlers, and the cages of darkness and how to overcome them by the mighty power of God. Get the Snare of the Fowler Book here

"Snares are devices, methods, and strategies from the armory of satan used by fowlers to catch individuals, for the purpose of enslaving their souls. Snares are always carefully concealed, otherwise, they will not catch any prey. The Scripture says in Proverbs 1:17- Surely, in [a]vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird; Some snares are set to catch souls, to lead the souls into the grave, and one of those is the snare of alcohol addiction" - Deliverance from the Snare of Fowler Book. 

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