Deliverance from the Curse of No Mercy

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Deliverance from the Curse of No Mercy 

Some people call it bad luck.  It's not bad luck.  It is the curse of no mercy.  A life devoid of mercy continues to attract disfavor, and they do not get a seat at the table.  There have been times when we are praying for God's people, the Lord said, the only thing this individual needs to ask for is "Mercy".  

The subject of mercy exceeds generation.  Some people are still under the curse of no-mercy in their ancestral lane.  Many lives are devoid of God's mercy. The avenger of the blood is afflicting those lives and requesting harsh payment. These are the dispensations of the redemption works of Jesus where God's people can call upon the name of the Lord for mercy.

Individuals who are under this curse are carrying a spiritual negative judgment against them. 

The lack of strong leadership or governance in life, community, or household could be a result of the curse of no-mercy.  The lack of direction could be a result of the curse of no mercy.  The God of Israel showed mercy to Israel when they asked for a king, although, this was not God's will for them. To show Israel His mercies, he ordained Saul as king to meet the need of his people.  When God begins a new walk with you, He releases His mercy.  Sometimes he may pull you out of geographical locations where his mercy is missing. He pulled out Abraham from his father's house, so His mercy may endure with Abraham. 

The curse of no-mercy is responsible for the destruction of communities, people, and nations. This curse is also responsible for barrenness, the breakdown of kingdoms, and the dethronement of leaders.

In this teaching, Ebenezer & Abigail Gabriels teach the biblical ways to break the curse of "no mercy".  

Learn how to avoid the great mistakes that lead people into the error which removes the mercies of God from them. 

Learn how to identify the curse of no-mercy

Review biblical examples of curses o no-mercy

How David became a dwelling place of God's worship

How to pray for mercy and prayers of mercy

Your life is available for God's mercy.  

This video teaching is now available in the Uncursed Deliverance App.

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