UnCursed Ministries

UnCursed Ministries is an online community focused on teaching foundational deliverance principles, methods and applications from the Word of God. UnCursed is birthed by the Holy Spirit, and our desire is to see men and women thrive in the excellence of God's power and be set free from foundational curses into a blessed life.

Inner Healing, Back-to-the-Womb Deliverance, Pregnancy Prayers for Pregnant Mothers, Babies in the Womb & Foundational Deliverance for all ages



The pathway of your life is your birth origin. Your origin is a major compass of how far you will prosper in life. Without foundational deliverance, people re-live the curses of their ancestors
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Holding on to wounds of the past will hold you down. The divorce, broken relationship, the inlaw issue - Many people are facing greater troubles today because they have not been healed on the inside
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As soon as a child is formed in the womb, the spirit of God is already present in the new life,and the soul is also formed. The baby's body  is forming and this is one of the most critical times in the life of the baby
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